Delivering art is hard

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Well it’s not that hard. I mean all I really have to do is set up a meeting place and bring the piece with me. But the problem is that i’m not known for the details in my work. I should clarify that, before I started selling things I wasn’t worried much about the durability of the pieces. If something broke I could always fix it or at least reuse it for another project.

When I’m getting ready to deliver a final version I get nervous about the buYer noticing all the little flaws. But that hasn’t happened yet! That either means that they aren’t really flaws or I’m pretty good at covering them up. The skull door knickers are kind of good at that, they hide cracks and chips. The prints are different, they seem to how every speck of dust and scratch no matter how small. I’ve sold a couple of them and have never even had a question about quality. I could be worrying too much, or because I’m selling them at $60 the expectations might be set low.

Oh well. Off to deliver another print!