New Skull Door Knockers in Progress

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I’m gearing up for my entry in to selling. I know from my experience at Artomatic last year that my skull door knockers will sell. So I went out and found better and cheaper materials to make them, while still keeping the end product the same. I got a 50 lb bag of art grade [W:hydrocal] from a local art supply store, which should be better than the plaster I had from Home Depot.  I made 2 new molds of the original skull and a better storage system for it so it won’t break down like the last one. I’d like to make a few different designs for the skull, maybe a lion! I just think that a awesome/cheap door knocker really cool.

I need to get to know the rules of Etsy selling. My current plan is to make 30 ‘blank’ door knockers and then paint one in each finish (rust, patina brass, tarnished silver, etc) and when I sell that one then put more up. That way I’m not stuck with ones that won’t sell. I’ll have to get involved in the forums to find out the best approach.

I have currently cast 28 skulls, I have received a box of the raw materials for 50 knockers from, and I’ve cut out 30 wooden backers.  I would say that I’m at least 50% along in the process and when I finish I can put them right up on the site for sale.

Pictures after the break…

Gone Bad: maybe?

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So a few weeks ago I published a photo of two skulls that I sold to a couple in Maryland. They had the order in for a long time, but I hadn’t finished them. For some reason I was having a horrible time deciding if they were cool enough yet. I think it’s because they were the first ones that I did in black with colors instead of a normal dark in the eyes kind of thing. Here are some pictures of it in progress. I really like the finished products, but I think there’s something to be said about the gloss black and gloss red. I just need to get it right and figure out how to use oil paints better.

Gloss black and red

Gloss black and red