10 Days Till The Wedding


I haven’t been updating this blog very much recently because all my free time has been spent cutting out tiny leaves for the centerpieces. Or working on the information packet. Or working out the kinks in the photo booth software. Or printing cards for the table gift. Or planning the honeymoon.

All I know is in 12 days we leave for Peru and I need a vacation.

Artomatic update

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So I sort of got my stuff installed at Artomatic last night. We were to have installed everything by 10pm and be out of the building, I got there at 930. I tried to get to Kinkos before 9pm to pick up the two digital prints, but I got there at 9:05… damn so close. So I put up what I could on the wall and left space for the others. I hope they won’t mind me walking in with a painting and just putting it up on the wall. I’m pretty sure I can sneak the digital prints in, but a 16×20 painting might be harder… I’ll just carry a really big bag.

I also need to figure out how to put a guest book and some business cards in there quickly.



Art, Projects

So I need to get this shiznit done. I did go to IKEA this weekend and pick up some frames and lights. Hopefully I will get up there tonight and get something done on my space. I need to go by home depot and get some paint and supplies for preparing the space. I checked online and I only have 3 days left to install work. I’m assuming that It’s going to be a madhouse with everyone else doing it last minute too.

Guess I’m going to skip Cinco De Mayo this year.


The rundown

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I have about 10 half finished projects for Art-o-matic… which is more than I had last weeks. They’re all pretty close so I’m not THAT worried about it. I’m going to get some frames and lighting at IKEA this weekend and hopefully prep the space in DC on Monday night. I think I do my best work when I’m under the gun, so this should be great.

check swalrus.org for art updates.


Yo Estoy Phone killer

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So while trying to fix my phone from the last time I killed it I’ve made things worse. First I got a loaner phone that was pretty good so it distracted me from fixing my 8125 quickly. So I decided to paint the 8125 and make it cooler. I’ve modded controllers so I thought that I might be good at painting small plastic parts… turns out phones are slick… and painted with some kind of teflon. So the paint turned out to be a minor disaster. Well at least the phone works right… well, no. The screen works… which was the problem in the first place, but not the keyboard dosent work right and the earpiece is broken. So I can only use it on speakerphone… then while trying to fix that I broke off the usb connector, so I can’t charge it.

I’m pretty sure I’m just going to buy a new phone, I might still try to fix this one, I don’t like to give up on projects. I was thinking of fixing the treo 650 so that I would at least have a backup phone if when this happens again. But now I have doubts that will workout right, it did get run over by Laurel’s car. I think I need an indestructible phone. when I get a new one Im going to ge the biggest titanium case for it.