Zazzle Strikes again

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I try. But I guess I’ll never understand intelectual property rights. First Zazzle wouldn’t sell my “Rad” poster because I didn’t own the rights to the movie. I get that, OK so I don’t own the rights to the movie, even though I drew everything in that picture from scenes in the movie, I guess I can see that I didn’t provide any new content.

I just finished some new pieces for Artomatic and I thought while I was getting them printed I would put them up on Zazzle so I could have the possibility of selling them. But yet again I apparently don’t own the property rights to pieces of Transformers. Not the whole thing.  I was led to believe in art school that If you changed the image 70% then it was a new piece of Art.  I would think that drawing a transformer from a picture and then combining it with another picture would be enough. Add the fact that I don’t think that anyone would reasonably think that this is an official hasbro product, it’s called PARODY.

What makes things weirder is that they claim it’s because of a copyright claim from the rights holder, but not for the Lincoln one, that’s either because it uses the Lincoln navigator grill, or because I didn’t put Transformers in the keywords.