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Life, Trips

And other assorted wackiness.

I spent the weekend camping with “All the Freaky People in the World“… well not all of them. Just the ones on the middle of the east coast. From New York to North Carolina the freakies gathered on a small beach like plain in Delaware to celebrate the coming fall at the phenomenon know as “Playa Del Fuego“.

And it was awesome.

This is not part of the liberal media attack. This is not part of the radical right wing agenda. This is part of the freedom of American expression. 1000 people gathering to have fun and party from Thursday to Monday… twice a year. Chocked full of fire and spirits.  I have to admit it was all very hard to take in for a couple of first timers. The date really snuck up on us and we didn’t really know much about it before hand. But that’s the way Laurel and I roll… we’re the explorers. We’re like the seal team of awesomeness, we go in first, scope the place out, and then call in the reinforcements. Next year I promise we’ll bring more to share and more people to share it with.

Also, I want to thank the guys from “Whiskey and Whores” for putting up with me on Saturday night. They know who they are!