Self Googleization…

I thought it would be fun to google this site and see if it actually comes up… So very disappointing. Search for “The Schubox” and I’m number 45 with a bullet. Though I did see a big spike in traffic when I posted the pictures from the New york trip and posted a bulletin on myspace, this site is largely passed over by the “blog-sphere”. When I posted about Max Raabe I got linked from some weird places too, the intra-webs are a crazy place. Oh well, why would anyone want to read about what I’ve been doing in my boring ass life. I may want to create a bio page so all the swedes coming over from that MFOP2 page know who I am. I think the actual blog is the most interesting thing, not the content. Woe is me. But I am number 5 and 17 when you search for “Mark Schumaker”. That’s kind of encouraging, with links to my amazon 80’s movie list and the story about the cardboard boat race. There’s always room to move up… Here’s to the future!

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