This weekend in Vienna…

Rock the Mic like a Vandal
So this weekend was the momentous occasion of the 90’s Party. So Saturday morning Greg, Jesse and I went on a mission to raid local Goodwill stores. Being the only English speaker in a store is a new experience to me. But it got me thinking about how easy it would be to pick up chicks outside one of those places. “Hey baby! I’ve got a Tercel with matching hubcaps!”
I’ve heard that the Vienna Inn used to be the keg Nazi in Vienna. That it was the only place to get a keg in the area, and you should be happy with whatever they give you. Having said that… they suck a little. The experience with getting it wasn’t that bad, we were in and out in 10 minutes. But the beer was another story. Just as well anyway, we were just using it for beer pong. And we let some of it go bad anyway.
The party was a success. We had some good costumes, jay and silent bob, Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore, Gwen Steffani, Waldo. Those pictures are in the gallery link at the bottom of this post. I came as Vanilla Ice’s second cousin. Ivy came as himself circa 1995 and his sister was a grunge chick. Apparently dancing to the tootsie roll and daisy dukes makes me a better Pong ball thrower. Cause Q and I were “Le Crush” and the unofficial champions of the night. Some people did not come in costume therefore are left out of this post, losers!
The aftermath of the night was smaller than expected. Bobby and Boner had to pick up some trash that was left in the middle of the street, there is a warm keg floating on the back porch, and Jesse became the first person to spray down the hallway with hot stomach juice. Also Greg proved to be a good friend and roommate by helping him clean up the mess. I may have puked? But that may have been a dream cause there was no physical evidence?
We need to get to work on the official house beer pong table. We are in beta testing and design right now. But we are on the verge of a major breakthrough. Maybe we can have some sort of design meeting this week. I’ll keep you posted. Later!
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