So I was eating lunch today…

White American Cheese
When I was constructing my ham sandwich today. (it was a cheap boring lunch today) I noticed that I had bought “white” american cheese. There is no difference between that and “yellow” american cheese. Just no food coloring. Then I go to thinking about that name. What if that was the brand name. White American brand cheese. And it had a cute little white girl as it’s logo. Would I be offended? I didn’t think so. So I just went ahead and made it. If we’re not allowed to be insensitive to other races, then I’m going to lead the charge to have every mascot and logo changed so that it has only white people in it.
“here come the Florida State Retirees!!!”
I heard once that white people are the “last unprotected race” Everyone is allowed to make fun of us. White men can’t jump, white boys can’t dance, we’re all plain vanilla wrappers. Nobody would get offended by that right? Them’s is just jokes. Maybe I’m just jaded cause in my cirle of friends we all rag on each other. Brick is stupid, Wade is Asian, Suleman is an Afganni, Boner is a man-whore, I’m a goofy bastard. Everyone has something that they get picked on for. It also could be cause we’re 20-something guys with nothing better to do.
But like the cheese we’re all the same on the inside… oh man… how cheesy. I’m a loser
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