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I am a smart shopper, that is both a blessing and a curse. I literally can’t pass up a good deal. I look at the unit/cost comparison all the time. This is fine when it’s an item that you need (bread,milk,toiletpaper) but not so good when it comes to something that you could possibly do without (amazon DVDs, handles of vodka, a year of web hosting). I’m constantly spending more in the short term to get more in the long run. I guess this is a viable economic strategy. But I’m supposed to be acting poor so that I can get my finances back in order.

Example #1: I’ve been putting off buying the new office space special edition with flair because a. I already have the normal edition and b. It costs $20. I’m not opposed to buying another edition of a movie I already own ie Kevin Smith Movies but I’m not going to pay $20 for somethign unless it gets autographed see previous point. Then I happen on a free shipping coupon from the FOX studio store, then I find that they are selling it cheaper, 15.99. So long story short, I know that I’m eventually going to buy it anyway. I might as well have it now. Come to think of it, this really dosen’t fit my argument, I just really wanted it….

The thing that really does go with the argument is the 1 year of domain registration and web hosting that I stumbled upon. I host this site with, they’re alright don’t cancel me. The support people are great, but the features and software could use some work. So I’m reading my daily distractions today and I come across a great slickdeal it’s one year of hosting and domain reg… for $9.25… That’s right, not pesos or rupies or gold coins, DOLLARS. I could not pass it up, Now I have to say that it might pass me up, the coupon code was a little old, but it worked. I just hope there isn’t some kind of human check on the site, to see if we’re scamming them. But for this moment I own

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