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You know that look that some hipster kid gives you when he asks you what kind of music you like and you tell him “A little bit of everything”? Well next time punch him in the face. I honestly do like everything or at least pieces of everything. Terrence (the guy in the cube next to mine.) asked my what kind of music I listen to so I told him what’s on my playlist right now.

Here’s what’s on Poddington Jr. (my shuffle) right now.

  • Kittie
    An all-girl hardcore metal band
  • Fallout Boy
    A pop-rock band
  • Dixie Chicks
    An all-girl country group
  • Lost Prophets
    A pop-rock band, but ‘cooler’ than FOB
  • De La Soul
    A pioneering 80’s/90’s hip hop group
  • Best of Bootie 2006
    A compilation of the best Mash-ups of last year

I think this is an accurate portrait of my musical tastes. 3/6 rock, 2/3 of that pop-rock. 2/6 hip-hop or hip-hop influenced. 1/6 country, (that’s actually a little high) and 2/6 groups with girl singer.

I do like everything. So screw you with your hipster jean jacket and ironic nintendo belt buckle.

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