Bart's People: Mr. Turkeyneck

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Mr TurkeyneckI don’t know what it is about people on the Metro recently, but they’re becoming more interesting all the time. I wish I had a better camera… and also that it wasn’t considered weird to take pictures of strangers. Because I saw a guy in starbucks the other day who looked just like the kid from “The Boondocks” and a girl on the Metro platform last night that could have been “Rogue” from the X-men, if she was black. She had a white Harry Potter birthmark and a white streak in the front of her hair.

But I digress, the person I want to talk about is this fellow I saw on the way home the other day. He looks like a caricature. If you saw this guy in a serious movie you would think “now that’s over the top, that just totally ruins the reality of it.” I mean come on he looks like a taller version of Wimpy from Popeye!? The fact that he dosen’t have much of a neck makes him look like a giant finger puppet, his head being the thumb. I hope he’s a good guy, I just think he looks like a cartoon.


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