The giant box of keys at the end of the green line

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I found it!

The one thing that Metro seems to do well!

If you lose your keys on a train or bus they’ll probably end up here. Judging by the massive amount of keys that they have on hand and that’s just from the last month.
Just wait five days and then make the trek to the lost and found office, “conveniently” located across the street from the Prince George’s plaza metro stop near the end of the green line.  They don’t even accept reports of lost keys since they find so many, so you just have to hope that they’ll be there.

I’m really trying not to complain about this.  After all I did find my keys!

Good morning metro

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Just a few things this morning Metro. When will you ever get things right? I tried to add money to my smarttrip card for the last few days from my Smartbenefits account and it just kept saying ‘transaction canceled’ no warning, just left me hanging there. So today I try again in the crowded Vienna station, it would have been a much more frustrating experience had it not been for the other people who had already waited for the kiosk to just sit there and do nothing. So nobody is adding Smartbenefits at Vienna today, because everybody wants to… Sounds like a good plan.

Next is a little thing but it always annoys me. I know you’re trying to appear safer by having the train stop at the end if the station. But when the driver has to start the train again and move forward 3 feet it gets really annoying.

‘train will move forward’

no shit

Karma today on the Metro

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I’ve been having a confusing morning. I left my bag lunch at home. Then I left my phone on the metro. Then while thinking of that I left my coffee on the counter at the shop.

But I called the phone and some good person had left it with the Metro worker 2 stops down. My coffee was still on the counter when I went back. Now If I can just make my lunch magically appear in front of me the day will be back in order.

6/22/09 a day that we will immediatly try to forget

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I’m sure we’re going to see some flood of “Never Forget” type posts and stickers and patches and graphics because of the Metro rail crash yesterday. But I would just like to be honest, there are thousands of people who are going to try really hard to forget that it ever happened.

They’re called “People who ride the Metro every day”.

The victims family and friends will never forget them, but me, a total stranger… will just hope that it never happens to me. I feel for them, but I can’t be thinking about crashing into a parked train at 50mph when I take the Metro twice a day 5 days a week… and I’m sleeping most of the time.

Sorry about all the death.


Bart's People: Mr. Turkeyneck

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Mr TurkeyneckI don’t know what it is about people on the Metro recently, but they’re becoming more interesting all the time. I wish I had a better camera… and also that it wasn’t considered weird to take pictures of strangers. Because I saw a guy in starbucks the other day who looked just like the kid from “The Boondocks” and a girl on the Metro platform last night that could have been “Rogue” from the X-men, if she was black. She had a white Harry Potter birthmark and a white streak in the front of her hair.

But I digress, the person I want to talk about is this fellow I saw on the way home the other day. He looks like a caricature. If you saw this guy in a serious movie you would think “now that’s over the top, that just totally ruins the reality of it.” I mean come on he looks like a taller version of Wimpy from Popeye!? The fact that he dosen’t have much of a neck makes him look like a giant finger puppet, his head being the thumb. I hope he’s a good guy, I just think he looks like a cartoon.


Bart's People: Hipster Doufus

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SwitchTheres something strange about a short fat bald man using a 17 inch Powerbook on the metro. Its something in the juxtaposition of the beauty and the beast. This guy should be using an old laptop. Not even a good brand, something like Compaq. He’s wearing a blue polo shirt that emphasizes his supple man meat, faded kakhis with cuffed legs, and old brown leather shoes. I can’t see what he’s doing over there , probably just watching a DVD. This seems like the kind of guy who would spend 3500 on a laptop just to use it as a portable DVD player. All I’m saying is that he’s definatley not the “Mac Guy” from the commercials.