Alice? Alice? Who the @&$! Is Alice?

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Last night Laurel and I ventured out of our own little rabbit hole and went to see Alice in Wonderland in 3D at Fairfax Corner. She had been bugging me for weeks to see this, I had been interested but I had fears of it being like [W:Charlie and the Chocolate Factory]. Which I did not like…

So which was it? Terrible or Awesome?

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But have no fear few people reading this blog! Mr Burton is back in his Big Fish form! (which I think was his best movie). I was afraid that the movie would be too twisted for it’s own good, that it would trade shock for story. But the characters, despite being mutant freaks have hearts and real depth. Not that there are a shortage of twisted parts, severed heads, dragons, extra creepy rabbits. I have to admit I’m not exactly a Wonderphile (someone who is a fan of Alice in Wonderland as a genre) So I know about parts of the stories, but I’m really familiar with the Disney Cartoon. So there’s something strange about the translation from cartoon to live action fantasy film. For me it’s a little like the Twilight Zone movie mixed with Roger rabbit, scary at one moment and funny the next.

I think my unfamiliarity with the back story and the fact that I haven’t seen the cartoon version in a long time made the film extra interesting for me.  I really didn’t know what was going to happen next. I was unsure what parts were from the original story and which were added in. I heard Tim Burton say that he didn’t intend this as a sequel, but that’s all that I can imagine it as. But in the sense that Hook is a sequel to Peter Pan.

With [W:Katherine Bigelow] winning the Best director Oscar the other night, All the attention on [W:Lindsey Vonn] and her gold medal at the Olympics, and then this movie making boatloads of money at the box office I would say that this year is looking great for women. I think it would be a great time to raise a little girl, they have so many examples of strong women in many different fields.

The saving grace of this movie it that no matter how weird it got;  it was still a great story about a heroine finding the courage to fight her fears and make choices in her life. If I have a daughter she’s definitely seeing this movie! At what age? That is another story.

Schu-Review: 4.5 out of 5 Schus

Slade – Who The Fuck Is Alice

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