Hey it’s that guy from… (Beerfest)

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There are a ton of times that I’m watching a commercial and I say “Hey it’s that guy from that movie!” and then everybody responds.

What? From where? What are you talking about? Why are you so excited?

I know actors have to work to make money, so I’m not looking down on them. It’s just that I identify them with one role in my head and then they come out selling car wax and I think it’s funny. Most of the time the role I know them from isn’t even their biggest role, some times the commercial becomes more famous than the movie role.

That is the case here. I know this guy as Mr. Schniedelwichsen, the German guy who leads the two brothers to Beerfest… and then subsequently gets killed. So then last year he showed up in a commercial that is probably more widely seen than Beerfest, as the “Think with your dipstick” Guy for Castrol Motor oil. But I first spotted him in a IBM ad for their medical imaging tech. I remember seeing him in that white lab coat and thinking… “Are they trying to pass off the guy from Beerfest as an actual doctor?”

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Through a little research I found that his name is Bjorn Johnson and he teaches acting in LA. He really looks like a Bjorn Johnson!

It looks like he’s been in a LOT of commercials. More that I had seen. Some of them look familiar, but It could be that this guy has a really identifiable ginger beard. He can be in all the commercials he wants and to me he’ll still be “That guy from Beerfest!”

Rock on Bjorn!

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