Hey it’s that guy from… (The boy who could fly)

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He could!

This is one of those movies that I watched all the time but I didn’t really like that much. I think it was recorded on a tape that also had a movie that I really wanted to watch. At my house movies were recorded off of HBO onto VHS tapes, so you could get 3 whole movies on a tape. So you’d finish watching Ghostbusters and then the tape would keep going and the next movie would come on. I think this was on the same tape as ‘Flight of the Navigator‘ which would make since their both that warm and fuzzy ABC ‘movie of the week’ kind of thing.

Where else do I know him from? Well for me his #2 role would be as ‘Bug’ the skeezy boyfriend in ‘Uncle Buck‘, but you may know him from the Public Library rental, Not Quite Human. What commercial may you have seen him in? Find out after the break.

So I’d be watching TV and The boy who could fly is on there eating dinner at Olive Garden or Having an Advil sized headache. It’s kind of strange. His name is Jay Underwood. According to The Moviezzz Blog, he’s now Pastor Jay Underwood.  It would be like seeing Harry potter selling tortilla chips in a few years. But what’s more strange are some of the other movie’s he’s been in. Apparently he played Johnny flame in the never officially released Fantastic Four movie… it’s ungodly bad…

Oh dear god.

This blog entry is pretty pointless because I can’t find any pictures of the commercials that he’s in. But I know it was him hocking the endless pasta bowl or sitting in bed with a Advil headache. But without visual proof… this will not solve any arguments. Here’s what he looks like now, that’s the best I can do right now.

Have you seen me?

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