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Chi Blast

Chi Blast

I’m almost convinced that with basic computer skills and the ability to use the internet anyone can become a graphics professional. There are so many high quality Photoshop and Illustrator tutorials out there that the work is basically done for you.

I think we had a discussion about this with my painting professor back at Mason. She was of the mindset that it didn’t take any “skill” to be a digital artist because you couldn’t add emotion using more forceful “brush strokes” using the mouse. While I agree to some point, you do have to build up a vast knowledge of slider settings and a wide array of brush and texture files to produce high quality pieces.

I’m clearly not at the level I want to be yet. I’m at the level where I can take some of the pieces of these tutorials and combine them into something cool. So I made this background for Wade, I think it’s more my style than his, but… whatever.

Retro Illustration Tutorial


Art, Projects

I designed a new font while doodling at my desk. Well actually I was just making psuedo chinese charchters on sticky notes with highlighters, but you get the point. I started to see that some of them could look like english letters (sort of). Then I decided to replicate it in Illustrator. Since I was using pink and yellow highlighters I thought a nice 1980’s inspired design might look cool.

I’m a sucker for pink to orange fade.

Now it’s the wallpaper on my computer. I think it looks wild. I’m making a smaller one for my phone (8125), I’ll upload that later.